Off Peak Hours: Metro North and LIRR [UPDATE: 2013]

Weekday peak hours (6am-10am) (4pm-8pmare in effect during rush hour.  Peak tickets cost $3.00 extra (as of Feb. 11, 2013).  Note, the times refer to trains scheduled to arrive/leave Grand Central.

Buy a monthly card if you make 11+ roundtrips per month.  Make sure you don’t overpay on your next ride to NYC.

Off-peak hours:

  • Before 6:00am
  • 10:01a-3:59p
  • AFTER 8:00pm

Weekends are always off-peak. Holidays as well.

Commuters will not be charged a peak fare on the weekend or on major holidays.  Some holidays (New Years Eve) don’t charge a fare (free to ride!).

Easy tips to avoid peak hour charges:

1) If you can, avoid rush hour, save yourself the stress and money by leaving later (or much earlier).

2) If you make 11 round-trips during peak hours, buy a monthly card. MTA’s official statement.

Unlimited rides for a calendar month; save almost 50% (based on 42 rides per month) off the one-way peak fare

Monthly Metro North card:

New York Fares: $154 – $247 depending on zone.

Greenwich stations: $263.00

Stamford: $292.00

Bridgeport: $371.00


The 2012, (original article) correctly stated that the peak fare was, $2.75 (as of October 15, 2012), this changed on January 1, 2013.Leaderboard